I am now a Codeplayer


Hi all, I have decided to change company and move to Codeplay. I am very excited to join this very fast growing company lead by Andrew Richards as their VP of Research and Development. Please read about it.

I will be even more involved in the C++ Standard and my job will now be even more tightly integrated with SG14. I have decided to resign from all my OpenMP duties, in order to devote all my attention to my new position.

As clang/llvm is very important to us, I will continue to be active in that area, while adding to my portfolio meetings within Khronos, with a focus on self-driving cars, big-data, financial, embedded devices and other forms of heterogeneous devices and massive parallel dispatch, with special interest in leading a future programming model for these interesting devices.

I might even get a chance to lead a Canadian division for Codeplay.

Thank you to all who have supported me and I look forward to continuing to work with you, or seeing you at a future conference or on some collaborative telecons.



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