C++ Standard SG14 meeting (Games Dev/Low Latency/Financials) at CPPCON 2016

ISO Study Group 14 “Game Development/Low Latency/Financials” will be meeting co-located with and hosted by CppCon on Wednesday, Sept 21st from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Conference attendance is not required to participate in the SG14 meeting.

About CPPCON, the arrangement will be similar to last year which seemed to have worked out quite well.
Here is a trip report:

We will have a room at The Meydenbauer Center to have a full day meeting to review the papers. We will have a signup (and free entrance if you notify me here, otherwise you would have to pay a nominal amount if you just proceed through the CPPCOn registration) as we only have space for about 50 people. This is a working meeting so only people who really want to participate in reviewing and offering feedbacks to papres, or have proposals should attend. We can’t stop people from stopping in and out, but paper authors will need to know to be present to give their proposal.

CPPCon and ISOCPP.org foundation has already agreed to pay for the room, and break which will just piggy-back on CPPCon.

Meeting paper submission deadlines.
In order to have a useful meeting, we need people to submit their ideas, proposals well before the 2 SG14 meetings. That mean we will have SG14 Paper submission deadlines (just like a  normal C++ Std meeting). These deadlines enable papers to be reviewed before the meeting by others and meaningful feedback be given at the meeting.


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