OpenMPCon 2015 talk series 2

OpenMPCon  next month aims to bring a stellar lineup of the latest industry gurus, users and developers together with the language designers. As such we have 3 keynotes along with two full day tutorial and a day and a half of talks. You cans see the first keynote, tutorial and the first of three talks here and the second keynote here.

I like to take this chance to look at 3 more talks.

Simon McIntosh-Smith of Bristol University will do a performance comparison between OpenMP 4.0 and OpenCL.

There are many discussions about whether different programming models can achieve high performance and how easy that is for the programmer. For HPC applications, where performance is critical, this question is especially interesting in the context of OpenMP 4.0 and OpenCL which offer different constructs for describing data parallelism.

Martin Jambor from SUSE Linux will offer a talk on GCC support to compile OpenMP 4 target constructs for Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) accelerators that summarizes their experience from ongoing development of a GCC branch which takes OpenMP code and compiles it so that it runs on HSA GPGPUs. He will outline the architecture of the process with emphasis on the differences between compilation for the host and HSA accelerators. Furthermore, he will discuss what kinds of input they can compile in a straightforward manner and, on the contrary, what are the problematic cases and how they have tackled them. They intend to merge the branch to GCC 6, and so the talk will also serve as a preview of what will be available in the GCC released in spring 2016.

Dmitry Prohorov of Intel will describe OpenMP analysis in Intel VTune Amplifier XE. This talk will present what they have been doing in Intel ® VTune™ Amplifier XE to support OpenMP performance analysis that shows the results in terms of the OpenMP constructs that the programmer operates with, instead of offering general tuning paradigms that can confuse OpenMP programmers rather than helping them understand the real problems in their code.

Please consider attending by signing up here. In the mean time, we are looking for student and volunteers to help with the conference. Please connect with OpenMPCon if you wish to help.

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